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Industrial Thermometers Design & Operation

Trerice Industrial Thermometers are either
of the liquid-in-glass or light-powered
digital type.
SX9 Solar Therm
Light-Powered Digital

Adjustable Angle Series

Rigid Stem Series

BX Plus Series
with Integrated RTD


Hydro-Therm Series


Econo-Therm Series


Options & Accessories


Thermowells for Industrial Thermometers


Thermowells for Econo Thermometers


Dial Thermometers Design & Operation
Direct or Remote mounted thermometers suited for a variety of temperature measuring requirements
Remote Mounted
3 " Stainless Steel Case

Remote Mounted
4 " - 8 " Aluminum Case

Direct Mounted
4 " & 6" Universal Angle

Direct Mounted
3 " & 4 " Adjustable Angle

Thermal System Selection

Temperature Ranges

Options & Accessories

Thermowells for Dial Thermometers

Bimetal Thermometers Design & Operation
Direct Mounted thermometers with all stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed cases are designed for use in demanding industrial applications.
Adjustable Angle

Bottom Connect

Rear Connect




Economy Bimetal
Bimetal Plus with Integrated Sensor

Options & Accessories - Bimetals


Thermowells for Bimetal Thermometers

Electronic Temperature Sensor Design & Operation
Sensors providing an Electronic Signal to a Controller or Indicating Device.
RTD & Thermocouple Sensors

Options & Accessories

Digital Temperature Indicator   TRD16 Series

Indicator Selector Switch TRS16 Series   

Thermowells for Sensors

Thermowells Design & Operation
Provide leak-tight protection for applications where the process media may be corrosive or contained under pressure.
for Industrial Thermometers

for Econo Thermometers

for Dial Thermometers

for Bimetals, Thermocouples & RTDs

Options and Accessories